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Four Must-Do’s For A Beach Wedding Gold Coast

Four Must-Do’s For A Beach Wedding Gold Coast

Gold Coast Beach Wedding

With a beach wedding Gold Coast couples can take advantage of some of the nation’s most stunning seaside scenery for their ceremony backdrop.

Not only does our coastline provide a beautiful setting for that special day, but it is also a low cost alternative for those brides who want a romantic and intimate ceremony without a high price tag.  If your heart is set on saying a seaside ‘I do’, here are some things you need to know when planning for your coastal wedding.

If you want to hold a beach wedding Gold Coast City Council approval is required

The good news is that there are NO council permit fees required to hold your wedding on the golden sand of one of our beaches –  that means your ceremony venue is completely free.   However you do need to have council approval for your event and this is easily obtained by filling in a simple one-page application.  Click here for the Beach Wedding Gold Coast City Council Application.

Before you can submit your application you will need to have a basic idea of what items you will be placing on the beach as part of your ceremony, the name of the person conducting the set-up, the specific location that you will be using (as marked on a map) and the approximate number of guests you plan on having there.  Some popular beachside spots book out up to a year in advance so it’s best to obtain your approval as early as possible.

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Beach Wedding Gold Coast

Stick to a Small Simple Ceremony

While it’s cheap and easy it is to book a seaside ceremony, you also need to be aware that for a beach wedding Gold Coast City Council does impose a lot of limitations on what you can and can’t do.   If you’re envisioning a grand wedding on the sand then you’ll probably need to consider booking a private venue as the city council is very particular about safeguarding the beach environment for the public.  Another alternative could be to book a wedding in a park that overlooks a beach.  There can be a fee involved with park weddings but the trade-off is greater freedom to plan a more elaborate wedding.

For a public beach wedding Gold Coast council dictates the following restrictions concerning guests, equipment and time that you must adhere to:

Time – You will be allowed a maximum of one hour for your wedding.  Your set up must also be done in this one hour timeframe.  Bear in mind that other bridal parties may be booked in around your timeslot on the same day so you need to be prepared to work within a tight schedule.

Guests – A maximum of 50 guests can attend your beach ceremony.  The majority of these guests will need to be able to stand as for a beach wedding Gold Coast Council only allows seating for 10 people.

Décor –  You may have no more than 10 chairs, an aisle runner, a signing table, a 4m x 3m shade cover OR arbour, 6 bali flags, and 2 teepees.

Be prepared for ALL of the elements

When planning any outdoor or beach wedding Gold Coast couples know that rain is a real concern that can spoil the best laid plans.  It definitely pays to have a wet weather alternative in place should the unthinkable happen.  This often means booking in a venue or equipment that will not actually be used on the day if the weather is fine.


For a beach wedding Gold Coast brides need to think just as carefully about minimising the effects of sun and wind.  Coastal winds can whip up sand storms that blast your bridal party and guests with cruel ferocity and make it frustratingly hard to hear your vows being spoken.  Anything beyond a light breeze can also cause fabrics to billow into sails that send your furnishings toppling, while veils and long hair fly frustratingly in your face.  Choosing a sheltered spot for your ceremony will help to avoid all these issues from the outset.  We also recommend using a microphone to overcome the effects of wind and waves and allow your guests to fully participate in the beauty of your vow exchange.

Sun can be just as much of an enemy as rain causing sunburn on bare-shouldered bridal parties and making flowers wilt more quickly.  Having plenty of sunscreen on hand is a must.  You should also ensure that bouquets and other floral embellishments on arbours, aisles or sand are appropriately wired and bound to withstand heat and wind so that your photos will not be marred by withered blooms.  For a beach wedding Gold Coast florists may recommend more succulent flowers such as orchids or calla lilies, as opposed to roses, to help to ward off the effects of too much sunshine.

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Before settling on a location consider wind, privacy, tides and accessibility

There are so many amazing beaches to choose from on the Gold Coast that deciding on the location can seem like an overwhelming task.  It’s easy to focus just on the views or photo opportunities that your favourite stretch of sand affords, but in considering the perfect spot to tie the knot you will also need to plan for other critical factors like wind and waves.  It’s particularly important to look for spots that provide shelter from strong wind gusts.  You’ll find many sheltered coves scattered along our beautiful coastline. Froggy’s Beach at Coolangatta is one such picturesque beach wedding destination that is protected from high gales.

Privacy can also be an issue on public beaches so if you don’t want crowds of onlookers gawking at your most intimate moments then you may want to choose a more secluded stretch of beach such as Bilinga Beach or the northern end of Currumbin Beach.  Be aware that some spectacular spots like Elephant Rock are tide dependent.  You also need to consider whether your chosen strip has the right level of accessibility given the mobility of your guests and the type of items you want for ceremony set up.